New Lean Portfolio Management article in SAFe 4.5

New Lean Portfolio Management article in SAFe 4.5

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Most strategy dialogues end up with executives talking at cross-purposes because … nobody knows exactly what is meant by vision and strategy, and no two people ever quite agree on which topics belong where. That is why, when you ask members of an executive team to describe and explain the corporate strategy, you frequently get wildly different answers. We just don’t have a good business discipline for converging on issues this abstract.
—Geoffrey Moore, Escape Velocity

Moore’s quote reminds us of how hard it is to gain real strategic alignment within an enterprise. This is always a challenge, even within our own small enterprise, and it also reminds me of the need to constantly be thinking about how to achieve this goal, and how to help others as well.

To that end, one of those ‘not so subtle’ shifts in the release of SAFe 4.5, was when we moved from ‘PPM’ to Lean Portfolio Management (LPM). In so doing, we restructured that article a bit to better clarify and advance the primary responsibilities of Strategy and Investment Funding, Agile Program Guidance (was Program Management), and Lean Governance (was Governance). This added a little clarity around these aspects and updated guidance to our more current thinking. What we didn’t do, however, was provide more guidance as to how the LPM function actually operates. Now we have.

Specifically, this function can best be considered as a set of collaborations, each with different stakeholders, and each with a specific set of responsibilities. For example, the new Strategy and Investment Funding guidance is illustrated in the figure below.

The LPM collaboration and strategy and investment funding responsibilities

The article has now been restructured to reflect this new approach. For more, you can of course simply read the new Lean Portfolio Management article! Also, a consequence of this change called for some restructuring and simplification of the Value Stream Coordination article. That article has now been updated as well.

Hopefully, this will help your solution portfolio better address the needs of the enterprise, and provide better outcomes for the business and end users. That’s always the goal.

Stay SAFe,

– Dean and the SAFe Framework team

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Dean Leffingwell

Recognized as the one of the world’s foremost authorities on Lean-Agile best practices, Dean Leffingwell is an author, entrepreneur, and software development methodologist.

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