Payment processing leader Vantiv sees gains in productivity, quality and employee engagement with SAFe

Payment processing leader Vantiv sees gains in productivity, quality and employee engagement with SAFe

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Since beginning our Lean-Agile journey with SAFe, Vantiv has focused its strategic efforts and its execution. We have improved the predictability of product delivery while maintaining high quality, and have become even more responsive to customers—resulting in higher customer satisfaction. And just as important, employee engagement went up over the past year.”
Dave Kent, Enterprise Agile Coach, Vantiv

How do you pull ahead in a highly competitive industry? For payment processing leader Vantiv, the answer was in delivering more features in less time while maintaining quality—gains achieved after deploying SAFe.

Vantiv has joined a fast-growing cadre of financial service organizations turning to SAFe to improve their position in the marketplace. Visit our case studies page, and you’ll see ten or so examples of this. In an industry that is highly averse to risk, this says something about the stability that SAFe is providing for these businesses as they endeavor to improve their offerings to consumers.

Our latest case study tells the story of how Vantiv set out to create solutions with more sustainable, long-term impact, rather than delivering for individual customers. A consultant recommended two courses of action to achieve those goals: adopt a product-led strategy and pursue a Lean-Agile approach to product development.

For help, Vantiv turned to Scaled Agile Gold Partner, Icon Technology Consulting, and SAFe. A number of steps enhanced buy-in and eased roll-out of SAFe:

  • Vantiv held a series of ‘Agile Awareness’ roadshows at various locations, with coaches answering questions and encouraging employees to talk about why past Agile efforts had not been successful
  • SAFe coaches cleared up misconceptions about SAFe, primarily that, if you’re Agile, you’re not fluid. They learned that SAFe builds in a fair amount of structure for success
  • Vantiv established quarterly business and product reviews (QBRs) for product managers to improve alignment between business goals and product development—resulting in more transparency and feedback

Eighteen months after deploying SAFe, the company has measured improvements in just about every key area:

  • Productivity – In 2015, Vantiv delivered seven percent more features and capabilities with nine percent less staff
  • Time-to- Market – Vantiv met its goal of becoming more focused on product delivery—creating innovative solutions ahead of market demand
  • Predictability – At the ART level, teams delivered on commitments 80 to 100 percent of the time by focusing on incremental delivery and listening to the stakeholders’ feedback
  • Quality – Year over year, the number of changes to its solutions has doubled, yet the number of quality incidents reported by customers has not increased
  • Employee Engagement and Retention – Attrition decreased over the past two years, and Vantiv was voted Best Place to Work in Cincinnati

Check out the full case study.

Many thanks to Henry Noble, Program Director, Transformation, and Dave Kent, Enterprise Agile Coach for sharing their SAFe story.

Stay SAFe!

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