Updated SAFe® Executive Workshop Toolkit for SPCs

Updated SAFe® Executive Workshop Toolkit for SPCs

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In a recent blog post, Dean Leffingwell announced the release of the Implementation Roadmap Toolkit for SPCs which highlights the ’12 critical moves’ in the SAFe® Implementation Roadmap.

The first move is reaching the tipping point—when the overriding organizational imperative is to achieve the change rather than resisting it. To reach the tipping point in an enterprise, SPCs may need to align executive stakeholders on the problems to be solved, potential solutions, and the next steps.

The SAFe® Executive Workshop Toolkit provides the resources an SPC needs to facilitate such a workshop. It contains a flexible set of workshop slides and exercises to:

  1. Discuss current challenges with executives
  2. Introduce Lean, Agile, and the SAFe Principles
  3. Present key concepts of the Scaled Agile Framework®
  4. Highlight the benefits others have achieved
  5. Define next steps.

Following the decision to proceed with SAFe, executive stakeholders typically take a Leading SAFe course to understand their role in leading the transformation.

All toolkits are maintained in the SAFe Community Platform. Just login and click ‘Performance Tools’ on the home page.

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Drew Jemilo, Co-founder, SAFe Fellow, and Principal Consultant

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