Updated Value Stream Workshop Toolkit for SPCs

Updated Value Stream Workshop Toolkit for SPCs

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Hi Folks,

One of the more challenging endeavors for implementing SAFe® is how to organize around value by identifying the Value Streams and defining the Agile Release Trains. The business benefits include faster delivery, higher quality, and built-in alignment between the business and development.

In the Implementing SAFe course, SPCs learn the thinking tools to accomplish this. They also have access to a free toolkit for running a ‘Value Stream Workshop.’ We’ve just updated the workshop to better help stakeholders optimize their design by considering coordination requirements, dependencies, Epic distribution, and organizational change impact.

This workshop is often run immediately following a Leading SAFe course attended by key stakeholders. After the Value Stream Workshop is complete, the SAFe Program Increment Toolkit can be used to prepare for the first ART launch.

SPCs can find the new toolkit by logging into the SAFe Community Platform and clicking on “Performance Tools.” Many thanks to the SAFe Fellows, SPCTs, and SPCs who have contributed to its relentless improvement!

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Drew Jemilo
Co-founder, SAFe Fellow, and Principal Consultant

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